About Susanne Peach, EFTCERT-II and Animaleze Founder

Susanne’s passion for animals started when she was a young child and spent time on her godmother’s farm in Germany. Growing up she had the usual pet dogs, cats, and even an african gray parrot whom she taught german before learning english. A few years ago, she was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, working with hawks, turkey vultures, owls, snakes, and other wildlife.

Susanne has actively studied various energy healing modalities since 1990, yet there are still times (by her own admission) that even she is amazed at the results!

After being involved in two severe accidents within 15 months of each other, she realized that “normal” treatments weren’t working. It wasn’t until she consciously and seriously incorporated EFT into her daily life that she realized relief from her chronic pain. And the second accident involved her golden retriever, Major, who was riding in the car with her. While Major wasn’t hurt physically, the psychological damage to him prevented him from getting back into the car for months after the accident.

She decided to try EFT on Major and after repeated sessions was pleased that he finally got back into the car. This was important for many reasons, but mainly because he’s a registered therapy dog with the Delta Society. They had been visiting an assisted living facility along with a local hospital, but those visits had to stop after the accident. Susanne is pleased and proud that EFT was able to overcome these fears of Major’s, so they could continue their volunteering.

Susanne has received extensive training in Advanced EFT directly from EFT’s founder, Gary Craig. Not only does she have her EFT intermediate Certification (EFTCERT-II ) but she has earned her Advanced Certificate to practice EFT and is an AAMET Certified EFT trainer.

She has witnessed remarkable results (see Testimonials) using EFT with people (See EFT for People Website) as well as animals, which are her passion.

As she started using EFT on more and more animals, she has sometimes added a few other techniques, such as Reiki and Energy Medicine. It was the success of these methods that led her to create Animaleze®, an all natural and amazingly effective technique.