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Cruise the Caribbean with Susanne and 4 Other Animal Experts – March 2016
Escape the cold winter blues next year when you join Susanne on a lovely Caribbean Cruise.  She’ll give great talks and information, being available for one-on-one tips and resources.  We’ll also have the amazing Ana Maria Vazquez, a very talented animal communicator joining us.  She’ll be communicating with your animal (alive or passed on) giving you information you’ve been seeking.  Three other animal experts will be joining us.
You take such great care of your companimals (companion animals) that it’s time you did something nice for yourself, too.
For more information and to register go to:
Personally I can’t wait for this cruise.  The time will fly faster than you think, so sign up soon and have something to look forward to as you deal with next winter’s weather and woes.