Fun and Inspirational Videos

Content:  It’s been proven that watching uplifting, funny or inspirational videos can increase serotonin, the “happy” neurotransmitter.  Taking it one step further, we recognized that people loved to watch videos on animals.  So what’s better than a collection of some of our favorite videos?

If you need a break from a busy, stressful day, or a way to boost your mood, you’ll want to watch these.

Beware, these are addicting but oh, so worth it.  Enjoy!

(Michelle—here’s where I’d like to add a list of videos.  I am putting the title, like “Cyclist meets a thirsty Koala” and then a link to the video underneath.



Happiest baby elephant playing in the ocean


Dog feeds orphaned lamb


Cyclist meets a thirsty Koala


Whale freed from Fishing Net


Dog cuddles up with autistic Child


Cat watching Hockey on tv


Talking dog doesn’t get the bacon


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