Grief and Loss

This is perhaps one of the toughest subjects to address.  Our animal companions are like family members.  Yet they offer a different relationship than the ones with humans.  Their love, devotion, lack of bias, companionship, and most importantly, unconditional love, makes their loss seem insurmountable. Not that their loss is necessarily more difficult than the loss of our family and friends.  It is often different.

There can be so many more complications with the passing a beloved animal companion than with our human family and friends.  We often have to make the decision as to when the animal has to be “let go.”  This can bring up so much conflict amongst many of us:  Is it the right time?  Should I wait?  What if I he could recover and I make the wrong decision?

And then when the animal has passed, how do we deal with this grief?  Sometimes others don’t get our grief, as some people will say “It was only a dog/cat/horse, etc.”  Or we find ourselves completely lost without our constant companion, our best friend.

Occasionally there is also some guilt:  Did I do enough?  Did I choose the wrong care options?  Did I contribute to this in anyway?  Why couldn’t my tapping save him?

Susanne will be running a teleseries on grief in the near future.  She will discuss the techniques and methods that she used to overcome her own (at times) debilitating grief when her beloved soul-dog, Major, passed away.

Please see the Events page for info.