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As some of you know, my beloved soul-dog, Major, passed away in March of 2011. It was incredibly devastating, as we spent many hours together volunteering. Major was a registered therapy dog, making so many people happy. I couldn’t believe how devastated and debilitated I was when he passed at only 10 ½ years old. And while I still had another dog, Guinness, at home, I couldn’t imagine getting another dog.

The pain in losing Major made me think that I didn’t want to go through that again. I’ve had many animals in my life, but this hit me the hardest. Perhaps because it came a year after my mother died. Perhaps it’s because Major was intuitive, knowing when I was saddened and being by my side no matter what.


Here’s a great pic of Major, doing what he did best—making people happy

I had to work through so much and did lots of tapping. If you are going through a grieving process, I’m with you. It is a process, as my wonderful pilates instructor was saying. It’s not one emotion. It’s many emotions with many stages. And having a pet pass away doesn’t necessarily just affect you. Other animals in the family can be affected too, as was the case with my own Guinness.

You may decide you don’t ever want to bring another animal into your life. That’s your decision and I honor that. However, I’d like to help you through this process if you are experiencing it yourself.

I’ll be running teleclasses in May with a wonderful colleague, Annabel Fisher. It will be a three-part teleclass series, covering your own grief, the grief of other animals in the household, and lastly tapping to move forward.

Annabel also recently lost two of her own beloved animals in a short period of time, so she knows what it feels like. You can participate from the comfort of your own home, whether you’ve ever tried EFT (tapping) or not. Please click here for more info including dates, times and cost:


In the meantime, please remember to tap on yourself if you have lost a pet or human family member. It really does help. If your animal is nearing the end of its life, tap on how you are feeling and tap for the animal, too.

More on this in another blog. It will help you (and your animals) through this difficult time. The stories I can tell about how things changed for animals and their humans when we tapped at the end of their lives.

With biggest hugs,




  1. Hi Suzanne. Thank you for tapping me at Blog Paws. 🙂 I’m feeling better now. Yes, losing an animal can be brutal. I don’t know what I’ll do when my pair pass.

    • Susanne Peach says:

      Flea! It was so great meeting you at Blogpaws. And thanks for introducing me to Hugh Jackson and letting me hold onto him tightly. So glad you are feeling better.

      I hope you don’t have to experience the loss of your pair for a long time.

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