Helping your “Older” Animals


older Ruby


This month on my radio show I’m talking about how to work with and help older animals.  Above is the sweet “Ruby” who will be turning 15 in a few months and still goes to the office every day with her daddy.

There are lots of tips and suggestions, including changing their diet, adding vitamins, alternative treatments (including tapping, of course.)

The very first thing we human guardians should do is to look at our own beliefs on aging, particularly aging of your specific animal.  Maybe you have a belief that cats will only live to 12 years?

older kitty Ned who is 16

(This kitty above is  gorgeous “Ned” who is 16.)

Maybe you believe that large breed dogs are lucky to make it to the age of 12?


older 15 year old lab

(The handsome lab above, “Dillon,” is 15 years old.)



Or maybe you believe your horse/pony won’t live as many years as you’d like?


older pony


(This is “Clover” who is 13 and stunningly beautiful.)

Let’s start by asking yourself what you’ve bought into as far as the longevity of your own companimal (companion animal) and also what the “experts” are saying about the longevity.

(By the way, everything I talk about here can be applied to our own beliefs on aging.  In other words, what beliefs do you have like when you are over 50 you’ll need reading glasses?  Or that aches and pains are part of getting older?)

Because, folks, I’m telling you that I’m throwing out everything ever told to me and am just experiencing life with my own companimals from a more curious point of view.


I ask questions daily such as “what would it take to have Guinness make it to 14?”  Here’s a picture of my sweet Guinness, part Australian shepherd, part gordon setter, who will be turning 14 this June:

Guinness - with shark



(Yes, my “Guinness” does look a lot like “Ruby” at the top of the page, but they aren’t related.  And yes, that is a shark my Guinness is playing with.  Like Mommy like doggy.  🙂

But I also do a lot of tapping on myself and my beliefs.  And the one belief I find over and over in many of my clients that is holding them and their companimals back is the belief that their companimal won’t live past a certain age.

So here’s a little tapping script to help you with that.  Remember, this is just a sample, and you can do lots more tapping on this on your own.  Feel free to adjust the words to better suit your own situation.  (If you can’t remember the tapping points, go to for a picture.)

Karate Chop: Even though I have this belief that my (dog, cat, etc.) won’t live past the age of 10 (insert your info here), I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

Karate Chop:  Even though I bought into the belief that dogs only live to the age of 10, I love and accept myself and my beliefs.

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve never had a dog live past the age of 10, I appreciate that I’m open to new possibilities and wonder what it take to allow my dogs to live much longer?

Top of head: This old belief

Eyebrow: Dogs don’t live past 10

Side of eye: I bought into this lie

Under eye: It’s also been my personal experience

Under nose: I didn’t think it’s possible for them to live longer

Chin: I’ve been told that’s the average life span and

Collarbone: It’s a belief I’ve always had

Under arm: I’ve never experienced anything else so why would I know anything different?

Top of head: But what if my (dog) and I become pioneers?

Eyebrow:  What would it take for him to live past the age of (10)?

Side of eye:  What if those rules and beliefs no longer existed?

Under eye:  What if we had the ability and resources to help him live much longer?

Under nose:  What would that take?

Chin:   What resources could I attract into my life to make that happen?

Collarbone:  What if it were as simple as me changing my own beliefs?

Under arm:  Isn’t (Rover) worth changing my beliefs for?  This starts right here and right now.

And continue tapping depending on what shows up.   Maybe your parents told you this, so tap on “Even though my parents said dogs never live past the age of 10.”

Also, be aware of what the “norm” is for the species/breed is in your pack.  Maybe they are prone to certain diseases?  If so, tap:

“Even though golden retrievers get cancer more than any other breed, I love and accept myself and wonder what else is possible?”

and keep going.

It’s best to tap on everything you believe about your companimal that you’d like to change.  And keep tapping until the truth of that belief is at a 0 on a scale of 0-10.

And if your companimal already has a disease that is common amongst that breed/species, tap on it:

“Even though my horse has arthritis, I love and accept myself and wonder what else is possible?”

“Even though he has arthritis, I appreciate that I’m open to new possibilities and wonder what resources are available to help him?”

etc. etc.

This should get you started on how to tap on these beliefs.   Remember, you can always book a private session with me for specifics.  About 90% of the time my clients will say “I never thought of that” or “I didn’t realize my beliefs and emotions had such an impact on my kitty, dog, horse, etc.”  I love helping people and their companimals out.  So email me or call me for a session.

I have more information on my radio show about helping and working with older animals.   You can listen to it anytime right her:

 Susanne’s Radio Shows

One thing I didn’t mention in my show is that I do recommend adapting things for your companimals as they get older.  It isn’t a bad thing.  If you have to add a step stool, or raise their food and water bowls, do so.  This isn’t “feeding” the energy of aging.  It’s just making their life easier.  Just like we do things to make our lives easier.  And hey, I’m all about making life easier for all of us.

Thanks again and as always, remember energy is everything and everything is energy.

Hugs to you and your companimals,




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