Recently I was at an event with my therapy dog. I was rushing and while turning the corner (too quickly) my 14 year old dog took a spill and I stepped on his back leg. He got up and would not put any weight on his hind leg. Needless to say I felt terrible that I had done this to him and wondered what damage I may have done. This all took place and about 45 minutes before I was ready to go in to the room to be re evaluated and knew that might not happen. However, my first concern was about my dog.
Susanne immediately came over and asked if I wanted her to tap on him. I gladly accepted that offer as Susanne had done tapping on me and I knew the results that it could bring. Susanne began tapping and during the first minute his hind leg slowly un-stiffened and came down to the ground. He was walking with full weight and without a limp within 5 minutes after she tapped on him. It was a blessing that she was there and we proceeded to pass with flying colors and I know it was in no small part due to Susanne’s tapping technique and allowing him to release the pain.

~B.W. Lafayette, CO

My pomeranian and I had a tapping session with Susanne by telephone after which we noticed definite improvements in her usual aggressive personality. She was calmer and barked much less.

My husband, who had been suffering depression for some time, decided to try EFT for himself and found a local practitioner who he could see in person. The results were quite amazing. He feels 100% better and has a new outlook on life.

If it weren’t for Susanne’s success with our dog, my husband would not be in the very positive place he is today.

~G.B. – Massachusetts



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