Trauma and PTSD

Many animals have suffered trauma.  It can be trauma with a big “T”, which can be abuse, neglect, etc.  Or trauma with a little “t” which can include being yelled at, not paid attention to, picked on by other animals, etc.  All of these can have lasting effects on animals, sometimes very visible and other times not as apparent.  These traumas can cause anything from emotional and behavioral problems to physical diseases.  And while many of these traumas can be overcome with excellent training and special care, sometimes these traumas are truly an energetic block.  And the usual training and special care methods don’t work.  In this case, applying Animaleze® to get to the energetic block can have profound and lasting results.

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is absolutely experienced by some animals just as humans experience it.  While this has not yet been formally recognized by veterinarian medicine, the signs of PTSD in animals are very clear:  Anxiety, fear, tremors, withdrawal, depression, seclusion, aggression, stress, hyper-vigilance, and many more.  Perhaps the most obvious cases of PTSD are those military dogs who have experienced traumas while service overseas and are not able to release this “freeze response,” a direct result of the fight or flight response.

An excellent article by one of the most revered and knowledgable experts on animals, Marc Bekoff, Ph.D explains this well.

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Animaleze® does NOT use exposure therapy to overcome PTSD or any other issues.  Instead, it’s working on a safe, gentle, energetic level that allows the animal to recover completely.

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We thank the military men, woman and dogs for their service.