Welcome to Animaleze®

Using EFT, an E-Z and extremely effective tool for helping your animals overcome physical and emotional pain.

Finally there is an all natural technique that is easy to use, easy to learn and yet has amazing results in easing physical and emotional pain from animals.

Has your pet been stuck in a negative emotional rut? Terrified of thunder? Overly aggressive? Horribly timid? Showing neurotic behavior?

Has your pet been in physical pain? Taking a long time to recover from surgery? Are you looking for an all natural method that could assist your animals in overcoming illnesses?

Animaleze® has helped many animals recover more quickly, all with a simple technique addressing the animals energy system. This technique is all natural, easy to use and can be applied to any animal, whether domesticated or not, to ease them out of physical and emotional pain.

By getting to the core issues on an energetic level, Animaleze has been extremely effective in overcoming these negative emotional states and physical pain, and has helped many animals live a much healthier, happier, and normal life.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is the main technique used in Animaleze. It has been called emotional acupuncture, because it’s a gentle tapping with your finger tips on the meridian end points (the same places acupuncture needles are placed) all while making statements to clear out these energy blocks. It sounds too easy, but yet it’s a combination of several techniques, one of which is thousands of years old, that is still in use today.

Why is it some animals take longer than others to heal? Or some are susceptible to diseases and illnesses while others aren’t? Often times, it’s due to an energy block within their systems. (Remember Quantum Physics in high school? If not, don’t worry, we’ll explain its relevance.) Animals and humans are just made up of energy. That’s all we are. And something can happen to them and us, whether it’s an emotional trauma, an accident, exposure to dangerous toxins, etc., that can cause a block in the energy system. For whatever reason, some animals (and humans) clear these blocks out easily. Others do not, and that’s where Animaleze comes in.

If you’ve spent any time around animals you’ll know that most animals are very sensitive to us and our moods and emotions. Have you ever noticed when you get stressed, your pet gets stressed, too? Or when you get upset, your pet gets anxious and restless? These creatures make marvelous companions, but sometimes they take on our negative emotions, causing them stress and anxiety.

Animaleze is the perfect way to break that “chain of worry” that goes back and forth between the pet and its’ human. In our sessions, we’ll address that chain so any work we do with the animals doesn’t fall back under the spell of that chain.

So don’t wait any longer to get your animal on the path to excellent physical and emotional health. You owe it to them to help them in any way possible. And when they are in a better emotional state, your life is a lot easier as well. For more information on Animaleze sessions, in person or over the phone, click here.