What is Animaleze®?

TuVu-webAnimaleze® is using a modified version of  EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, aka Tapping,  to animals in a safe, all natural and nurturing manner. It’s also using Energy Medicine (by Donna Eden), Reiki, and some other wonderful modalities whenever necessary.

So what exactly is EFT?

EFT is a universal healing aid used by thousands of people around the world.  It was created by Gary Craig and is based on the fact that animals and people are only energy. And within our energy systems we have meridians, or rivers of energy. The Chinese have been working with these meridians for centuries, using acupuncture. The needles are placed on the meridians to clear blocks within the system. EFT is similar, except we don’t use needles. We tap (using our fingers) on these same spots that the needles are normally placed.

But how do we apply this to animals?

It’s been Susanne’s experience, after experimenting with different ways to apply EFT on animals that the animals respond best when EFT is applied surrogately. That means we tap on ourselves (humans) for the animals. This allows the freedom to tap for any animals, including violent ones, wildlife, or large ones (click hereto read Susanne’s story about tapping for horses).  The energy systems of most animals are very sensitive and don’t tolerate this tapping for long. By surrogate tapping, we can get greater results for the animals, in a way that is not intrusive to the animals.

While Animaleze® has been proven to help with training methods (including house-breaking) it is not meant as a replacement for good training by high-quality professionals.  And while Animaleze® has been shown to help animals medically, whether due to injuries, chronic pain or any other reason, it’s not meant to replace your Veterinarian.  Rather, Animaleze® is the method every responsible animal lover should know in order to use in conjunction with your qualified trainers and veterinarians.

For more testimonials on how Animaleze® has helped animals, visit the testimonial page.